Information gates

Information gates are potals that serves for searching for bibliographical records. They offer such internet sources that were analysed, proceeded and classified to individual categories by experts, and therefore are easy to search out. The experts work with documents on the basis of the predefined criteria. It is the human factor, that guarrantees consistent and quality composition of collection (collection) and relevant descriptions. Sources are indexed according to classification scheme, subject headings and keywords are created. Factual description (in particular, the size) can differ. Some gates use quite extensive and relatively liberal description of source´s content, others choose more formalised approach. Commonly used forms are: annotations, summaries, abstracts and recensions.


Information gate Prouct informations
 Agroweb Informations from fields of agriculture and veterinary, its part is also Vetweb - an internet magazine for veterinarians.
 Infozdroje Clarifies access to information sources, informs about news, consortias, offers test accesses, etc.
JIB (Jednotná informační brána) Enables access to different information sources, including fulltext documents.
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology  Gate providing individual searching in dozens of libraries worldwide.
Oborová brána Technika (TECH) Offers to its user a unique space, from where it is possible to search in various Czech and foreighn sources (library catalogues, professionally focused portals).
 Suweco  A list of on-lite titles available at UVPS through the Suweco company.