Open access sources

All the followed sources are on-line and in open access, there can only be demand free-of charge registration for fulltext access to some of them.



Product informations
AJOL African Journals Online is database of magazines published in Africa, contains articles abstracts or fulltexts. A handbook of informational institutions, projects, programs, searches, and global cooperation in fields of forestry and ecology in global scale. It helps to spread scientific informations to people interested in ecology and to landscapists.
Agricola AGRIcultural OnLine Access is bibliographical database  National Agricultural Library processed since 1970. Is consisted from two independent parts:
  • Online Public Access Catalogue - includes books, 
  • Journal Article Citation Index - contains records of articles, chapters from monographies, conference proceedings, etc. 
Agronavigátor Portal provides informations from fields of agriculture and food industry. It also provides a dictionary of terminology service.
Bibliografia Medica Čechoslovaka A database of Czech national medical bibliography, on-line accesible through Medvik portal. It derives data from: magazines, books, konference proceedings, recences of Czech books, bohemicas and slovakicas (works of Czech and Slovak authors published in foreign magazines), contains records proceeded until 1999.
BioMed Central Open access fulltext magazines.
Česká národní bibliografie Bibliographical evidence of documents actually or previously published on Czech republic teritory or related to Czech language and culture (partially based on principle of language, topic, or author). Database is divided to the actual part and the retrospective part.
Česká zemědělská a potravinářská bibliografie Bibliographical database.
DOAJ Directory of Open Access Journals is a database of fulltext magazines. 
E-journals Links to magazines in electronic form according to their topics. 
FAOSTAT Largest world database of the FAO organization. Focuses on: food and agriculture, contains statistic data and factographic informations. 
Free Medical Journals Fulltext magazines with medical thematics.
 Highwire Fulltext magazines, some of them accesible only into abstracts level. 
 IUFRO International Directory of Forest International Service. 
 IVIS (International Veterinary Information Service) is non-profit organization providing informations for vets, veterinary students and scientists. Enables access to veterinary books, refers about veterinary meetings etc.
Knihovna v Bielefeldu Fulltext magazines from the fund of electronic magazines of the Bielefeld Library. Articles can be used so to search bibliographic datas of magazines and also to view open access texts of magazines. In the list, fulltext magazines are marked with green color.
Royal Society of Chemistry Royal Society of Chemistry
Laboratorní průvodce Physical, mathematical and chemical tables, laboratory encyclopaedias and factographical informations from fields of biochemistry, biology and medicine, and other tools and datas. 
National Academic Press This publishing house was founded so to publish reports created in the National Academies organisation, that covers these four subjects:
  • National Academy of Sciences
  • National Academy of Engineering
  • Institute of Medicine
  • National Research Council
Plos Public Library of Science is a on-profit organization, where scientists and doctors from all around the world are engaged. Its target is to provide them, but also to students and patients, unlimited access to the newest scientist knowledge, so to make their studies, scientific researches and medicine practices easier. Main principles are free access (open access), outstanding quality as for its content, as for its form, scientist integrity, guarranteed by the redaction, working width, cooperation, finantional fairness, community involvement, internationality, and conviction that the science should be considered a public source of informations.
PubMed Bibliographic databases of National Library of Medicine, USA. 
Freie Universität Berlin

The Institutional Repository is a service of the Universitätsbibliothek of the Freie Universität Berlin. The repository deposits theses and dissertations (eTDs) and other scholarly works here within the framework of the Open Access Initiative.

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