Price list

Price list of paid services:

1. Students membership registration to Library for 1 school year    no fee
2. Employees membership registration to Library    no fee
3. Externists membership registration to Library for 1 year    100,- Kč
    Externist membership card (compulsory)    70,- Kč
4. Self-service reprographic and printing services:  
    for 1 A4 page of black and white print/copy    1,50,- Kč
    for 1 A4 page of colour print/copy    8,- Kč
5. Ring binding    20,- Kč
6. Recherche services:  
    recherches for employees    no fee
    recherches for externists Kč/1hour.    250,- Kč

7. ILS – Interlibrary Loan Service

(does not include IILS - International Interlibrary Loan Service)

   2,- Kč/page+ postage


Late return fees and sanctions:

1. Fee for each library unit (book)/day delayed

   3,- Kč
2. Fee for unauthorised usage of hallway locker/    20,- Kč
3. Fee for lost locker key or damaged locker    500,- Kč