Interlibrary Loan Services

ILS (Interlibrary Loan Service)


If there is not Your desired book or magazine article in the fund of our library, than you can use the option of ordering it through the ILS.


For Universty library members

- If the document that You need is not in our library fund, we can order it for You from other library - as from Czech Republic, as from abroad.

- This service is obtainable for students and employees of UVPS

- The order can be done through the on-line order form (see link), e-mail, or personally in the library.

- If the requsted document  comes from abroad, the ultimate price can be up to 600,- Kč (depends on individual country)

- It is also possible to order xerocopies of articles or chapters of books, that we do not subscribe or we haven´t an on-line access to

- Borrowing period and price of xerocopies is set by the library that provies the document to our library



For Libraries

- We provide ILS for other Czech libraries too

- Books with present loan status are not obtainable  

- Borrowing period of books with absent loan status is 1 month

- Price of articles xerocopies is 2,- Kč for 1 page + postage


Electronic order form for ILS

To obtain more informations about the demanded document, fill this electronic order form.


ILS form 


Contact person

Bc. Eva Falcová         +420 54156 2077