Borrowing Services:

a) reference only, self-served loans,

b) reference only, librarian provided loans,

c) absent (take away) loans from the free selection space,

d) absent loans provided by librarian from deposits,

e) self-made reservations and prolongations of books,


Interlibrary Services:

a) interlibrary loan service,

b) international inter-library loan service,

c) providing of copies of documents,


Information Services:

a) advisory service - providing informations about catalogues, databases, funds and library functions,

b) book funds location service - finding informations about reachability of book funds,

c) bibliographic informational service - informations of bibliographical and factual character,

d) consulting service,

e) recherche service - lists of bibliographic, factual and other informations created on the basis of written request,


Reprographic Services:

a) black&white and color copying,

b) scanning,

c) black&white and color printing,


Electronic Services:

a) services reachable via library websites,

b) electronic communication with library members,

c) providing access into electronic informational sources and internet,

d) acces to one´s own library readers account for registered users,

e) loan of an electronic e-book reader

f) uploading e-books to the reader

g) remote access to the EIS


Another Services:

a) library websites,

b) trainings about library services and their usage for registered or potential library members,

c) informational sciences education and trainings for registered members,

d) propagation of library and its services,

e) publicly accessible main library catalogue.